Debit Cards

Why use your Southeastern Ohio Credit Union debit card?

  1. Convenience – No more hassles writing checks or going through the approval process at checkout. Members simply have their card swiped, sign the receipt (or enter a PIN), and they’re on their way.
  2. Wider Acceptance – With MasterCard logos imprinted on the debit card, members can purchase from millions of merchants worldwide. Members can also use their debit card for Internet or telephone purchases.
  3. Simplified Expense Tracking – All purchases appear on your monthly statement (includes date, place and amount.) You can easily track your spending and manage your account balances.
  4. Comprehensive – Members need only one card to make purchases and access cash. Many use their debit card to get cash back at the same time they make a purchase.
  5. Secure – Using your debit card in conjunction with a PIN is more secure than writing a check. Plus, a lost or stolen debit card can be instantly deactivated; you can’t completely deactivate a check.
  6. No Finance Charges – Members like the fact they are using their own money for purchases and not incurring any finance charges that are typical with credit card transactions.

Register for MasterCard® SecureCode™

MasterCard® SecureCode™ is a new service from MasterCard and Southeastern Ohio Credit Union that provides added protection when you buy online at participating merchants. You choose your own personal SecureCode™ that provides added protection against unauthorized use of your MasterCard® or Maestro® card when shopping online at participating MasterCard SecureCode merchants. Click here to register.

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