About Us

At Southeastern Ohio Credit Union,
you’re a Member not a Customer

What is our mission?

Southeastern Ohio Credit Union is owned by the membership and exists to provide, in a friendly atmosphere, high quality financial services at favorable terms to its members while maintaining the long-term financial stability of the credit union.

What is a credit union?

It is a cooperative society organized under Ohio law with two primary objectives. First, to supply the members with a plan of systematic savings. Second, to make it possible for members to take care of credit needs at a reasonable rate of interest.

How can I join the Credit Union?

Click here to see if you are eligible. Visit or call the Credit Union office:

  1. Fill out a membership account card.
  2. Provide proof of identification.
  3. Initial Deposit of $5.00 required at the opening of the account or completion of a payroll deduction card.

Why join a Credit Union?

The credit union in another choice for various types of savings. Dividends are paid quarterly and at competitive rates. A minimum balance of only $5.00 is required to be kept in your savings account with no penalties for withdrawals. A variety of loans are offered with competitive rates. Checking accounts require no minimum monthly balance and have no monthly service charge.

Personal Service

  • Our staff is ready and willing to offer you personal and prompt service.
  • Board members are volunteers who strive to meet the members’ needs through regular review of the financial health of the credit union and maintaining fair rates for services offered.
  • How is this institution insured?  This institution is not federally insured.  However, the credit union is insured by American Share Insurance, a private credit union insurer.  Deposits are insured up to $250,000 per account.